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9 Best Beauty Benefits and Uses Of Sandalwood

9 Best Beauty Benefits and Uses Of Sandalwood

Sandalwood is no doubt a gem familiar in Ayurveda. Besides its heavenly fragrance, it does wonders on skin too. It has excellent soothing and cooling properties that makes it a part of today’s beauty products. Here is a list of best beauty benefits and uses of sandalwood.

9 Best Beauty Benefits and Uses Of Sandalwood

1. Brightens Skin

Sandalwood has deep cleansing properties that helps to get rid of uneven skin tone and rejuvenates skin. It is also an astringent that tones and balances pH of skin. It also prevents signs of acne or pimples with its powerful anti-inflammatory properties.

Mix sandalwood, curd and honey to form a fine paste. Apply this mixture on face and neck, and let it on for 20 minutes. Then rinse it off. You can notice instant brightness after rinsing off.

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2. Exfoliates Skin

Sandalwood along with turmeric or chickpea flour exfoliates skin and gets rid of blackheads as well as whiteheads. It helps to remove dead skin cells and rejuvenates skin for brighter and youthful looking skin.

Mix sandalwood, milk, and chickpea flour together to form a fine paste. Apply this mask and let it dry. Then use gentle circular motions to remove the mask and rinse it off. This is a very popular Indian home remedy for exfoliating as well as brightening skin.

3. Removes Sun Tan

Sandalwood is best known for relieving sun tan. It effectively removes sun tan and sun burns. It also helps in soothing sunburnt skin.

Mix a tablespoon of sandalwood powder, orange peel powder and plain yogurt each to form fine paste. Apply the mixture on affected area and then rinse it off after 15 minutes. Repeat twice or thrice a week for best results.

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4. Anti-Ageing

Sandalwood is rich in antioxidants which helps fight against free radicals. It helps in preventing wrinkles and fine lines. It has been used for centuries in India for its anti-ageing properties.

Mix sandalwood powder and honey together. Apply the mixture and then rinse after 20 minutes.

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5. Anti-Acne

Sebum is oil-like substance produced by pores in skin. Sometimes excess sebum production, dirt, impurities and microbes causes to clog pores. This results in acne or pimples in skin. Sandalwood has anti-bacterial properties that fights bacteria and also cleanses pores to keep skin nice and soft.

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6. Cures Itchiness, Blemishes and Pigmentation

Sandalwood offers protection against itchiness and infections. It is popularly known to reduce inflammations in skin.

Sandalwood powder with rose water or sandalwood oil can be used as a soothing remedy for itchiness and blemishes. It helps in reducing impact of blemishes due to its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It gradually lightens blemishes and pigmentation to achieve smooth and flawless skin.

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7. Heat Cure

Sandalwood has cooling and soothing properties that helps as a heat cure.

Mix sandalwood powder and rose water together. Use the mixture on affected area and then let it dry. Then rinse it off after 20 minutes.

8. Evens Out Skin Tone

Due to its outstanding skin brightening properties, it helps you achieve flawless, smooth and evened out skin tone. Mix sandalwood powder and vitamin E capsules together. Apply the mask on face and let it dry for 20 minutes. Then rinse it off. Repeat twice a week for best results.

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9. Promotes Glowing Skin

Besides brightening, it also adds a gorgeous glow to skin. Sandalwood and turmeric bath is a traditional Indian bridal remedy to look flawless and glowing on their wedding day.

Mix sandalwood powder, turmeric and milk to form fine paste. Use the mixture as a face mask and let it dry for 20 minutes. Then rinse it off.

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