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16 Amazing Beauty Uses of Coconut Oil

16 Amazing Coconut Oil Beauty Uses

Coconut oil is one of the healthiest oil known for its amazing health benefits. It has provided its benefits to the tropical people since ages. Not only is it a health savior, it also helps the skin to benefit. It is a comedogenic product so it is safe to use on baby skin too. Here’s a summary of the some ways to use coconut oil to make your skin look more healthier and look better. Here are some of the best coconut oil uses for skin.

Uses of Coconut Oil For Skin Care

1. Massage Oil

Coconut oil is an excellent massage oil for the skin. It acts as as effective moisturizer on all types of skin, including dry skin. The benefit of the oil on the skin is comparable to that of mineral oil. Generally, there is no chance of having any adverse side effects on the skin from the application of coconut oil. Being safe solution it also helps in preventing dryness and flaking of skin.

2. Skin Guard

Coconut oil is ideal for skin care. Generally helps to prevents the formation of destructive free radicals and prevents your skin from developing skin blemishes and over exposure to sunlight. Apply a thin layer of this oil as a moisturizer daily. The thin layer of the oil gets quickly absorbed and also forms a protective coating which guards against bacteria. This oil strengthens the underlying skin tissues, bringing lasting improvement for the skin.

3. Scrub

Moisturize while getting rid of dead skin cells by mixing coconut oil with brown sugar and scrub your body. This works wonderful as a scrub on the skin and moisturize the skin.

4. Treat Acne

Oily skinned beauties with acne prone skin can add a few drops of coconut oil to daily moisturizer and use it daily. It helps cure acne and treat acne scars.

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5. Anti-Aging

Coconut oil also helps in preventing premature aging and degenerative disease due to its well-known antioxidant properties. This delays the appearance of wrinkles and sagging of skin which normally accompany aging process.

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6. Makeup Remover

There are many oils act which as a makeup remover. But this oil is a cheaper and more affordable option. This oil can be used on skin around the eye area to remove makeup without any problem.  Gently rub coconut oil on the lids and dab off eye makeup with a cotton pad or cloth.

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7. Lip Balm

Most commercial lip balm products has a lot of chemicals and are not safe to use. Try using this oil as a lip balm, its outstanding moisturizing properties treats dry and chapped lips. This is natural and more effective.

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8. Dry Hands and Feet

Soak the hands and feet with coconut oil and cover hands with gloves and foot with socks before going to sleep. With in a week’s time, you will find soft hands and feet with immense moisture.

9. Stretch Marks

The oil greatly helps to reduce stretch marks and also help them fade quickly and also moisturizes the skin to speed up the process.

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10. Sunburn Relief

Coconut oil helps to soothe inflamed skin and re-hydrate skin. Coconut oil also provide minimal sun protection about SPF 4.

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11. Dental care

Calcium is essential of your teeth. Since this oil facilities quicker absorption of calcium by the body, it helps in developing strong teeth. The oil also stops tooth decay.

12. Weight Loss

Coconut oil beauty effects extends to weight loss too. Being a great source of short and medium-chain fatty acids which helps in removing excess fat. Hence, helps to easily digest and helps in healthy functioning of the thyroid and endocrine system. This oil increases metabolic rate which makes the body burn more calories. This increased metabolism may stay for up to 24 hours. Consuming this oil increases your energy level and burn off calories at an accelerated rate. People living in tropical areas who use coconut oil every day as their primary cooking oil are unlikely to be obese or overweight.

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13. Cold Sore

Coconut oil contains fatty acids like capric, caprylic, lauric acid which helps to disinfectant and has antimicrobial properties. This helps to protect against and heal microbial infections. Use coconut oil on cold sores to cure them in time.

14. Skin Conditions

Coconut oil helps in treating various skin problems including psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis and other skin infections. This makes coconut oil forms the base ingredients of various body care products like soaps, lotions and creams.

15. Healing powers

When applied to infected areas, the oil forms a chemical layer that protects the infected body part from external dust, air, fungi, bacteria and viruses. This oil is also highly effective on bruises because it speeds up the healing process of damaged tissues.

16. Infection

Coconut oil is very effective against various infections due to its anti-fungal, antiviral and anti-bacterial properties. Researches have found that this oil is potential to kill viruses that cause influenza, measles, hepatitis, herpes and other serious risks. It also kills bacteria which can cause throat infections, ulcers,  infections, pneumonia and gonorrhea. Finally the oil is also effective in the elimination of fungi and yeasts that cause ringworm, athlete’s foot, and diaper rash.

Try out these skin care tips, I would love to know how these methods worked out for you, let me know in the comment section below.
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