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Decoding The New Way Of Weight Loss With Detox Water

Decoding The New Way Of Weight Loss With Detox Water

Many of us live a life in a hurry pace, where you can not afford so much time to take care of your body. We all know how water is beneficial for weight loss. Detox water is simply flavored water which helps in proper detoxification of body. This simplified method makes you fit and healthy easily during your busy day.

History Of Detox Water

Roman and Greek invented this technique to bring inner transformation and betterment of health. Egyptians used fasting as a practice for their spiritual transformation. They are believed to use detox water since ages. They used it for dieting purpose for betterment of health and mind. In modern times, fasting has been proved to have health benefits which includes improved immune system and vitality.

What is Detox Water?

Detox water is a flavored water infused with fruits, vegetables or herbs. They are low in calories and helps in detoxification of body.

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Uses Of Detox Water

1. Weight Loss

Due to the fast paced internet world, we spend most of our time spending with smartphones, laptops and televisions. Not to mention most of us skip breakfast, which is the main reason of obesity. Skipping breakfast means metabolism of your body is stopped and the process of burning of fats into energy process is interrupted.

Detox water are low in calories and helps in burning more calories present in the body. Since it helps in activating the metabolism of the body and infusing body with nutrients, it gives the benefit of nourishing body while burning fat. So, grab a cup of detox water while you run late in the morning or while chilling with Netflix.

Decoding The New Way Of Weight Loss With Detox Water

2. Detoxification of body

The toxins and oxidants we inhale and consume everyday might block the proper functioning of organs and blood flow. This can damage organs like liver and kidneys. Improper detoxification is the main reason for kidney failure.

Detox water is rich in nutrients and anti-oxidants. Hence, it helps get rid of the excess waste and aids proper functioning of body.

3. Beautifies Skin

Detox drinks provide essential nutrients to maintain supple and soft skin. Most commonly used detox drinks with lemon, orange and cucumbers are rich in vitamins. They have strong anti-oxidants which helps to prevent skin problems, regenerates skin, improves the texture and complexion of the skin. Since the metabolism of the body is improved, it aids quick healing of wounds and infections in body.

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4. Revamps Hair Growth

Detoxification can help hair improve in multiple ways. They are nutrient rich water which helps to strengthen the hair follicles from within. The increased metabolism helps in better blood circulation in hair scalp, hence improving hair grow thicker. Continued use of detox water in your diet will result in the growth of thick, shiny and glossy hair in a few weeks.

Decoding The New Way Of Weight Loss With Detox Water

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5. Anti-Aging

Many men and women experience aging early during their 20s and 30s. This is due to the effects of free radicals we inhale and intake in one for or the another. These are the primary factors resulting in aging process. It can cause wrinkles, sagging skin and laziness.

Detox water has abundance of nutrients and anti-oxidants, while you sip this all day. It will flush the free radicals contributing to aging factors. This way it helps to prevent premature aging process.

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6. Improves Immune System

Due to unhealthy lifestyle we all live in current world, we easily fall prey to bacteria and viruses and cause vulnerable diseases. Detox waters boosts the immunity system by eliminating toxins. Besides it also prevents and fights bacteria and virus present in body and provides essential vitamins and minerals needed for proper functioning of body.

7. Boosts Energy

Have you wondered why the world is addicted to detox diets? Because they help in losing weight while feeling energetic. The unwanted calories and fats you consume everyday can cause dizziness, tiredness and many other health conditions. Detox drinks are low in calories while helping you stay energetic and active all day long.

Decoding The New Way Of Weight Loss With Detox Water

8. Aids Digestion

The infused water helps in proper functioning of digestive system. These drinks repair digestive system. Bloating, indigestion, and many other problems associated with digestive system can be easily resolved with the help of detox water.

9. Betterment Of Thinking

Since our everyday diet contains many unsaturated fats and sugars, it degrades the quality of thinking. It is important to address this problem with detoxification process.

Detox water helps to concentrate better, by purifying body.  Often people prefer to drink detox water before meditating to improve concentration. People drinking detox water regularly have noticed reduced fogginess and distractions.

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10. Enhances Mood

Yes, detoxification helps you feel better too. It helps you stay healthy, fit and concentrated. As a result it enhances your overall mood. It helps you build a positive energy and helps you build healthy relationship in family, work and friends.

Detox drinks can change the way you live; Make a change today and you will see the results subsequently. 🙂

Decoding The New Way Of Weight Loss With Detox Water

Detox water has changed many people’s lifestyle including me and it is very simple to implement in your daily routine.
I hope you find this article helpful, do let me know your thoughts in comment section below.
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