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Top 11 Foods That Aids Weight Loss and Boosts Metabolism

11 Best Foods That Aids Weight Loss and Boosts Metabolism

Body metabolism plays a major role in losing weight and maintaining body functioning. Slower metabolism burns lesser calories and takes time to lose weight. With higher metabolism, the body burns food effectively without gaining weight. Here is a list of 11 best foods that aids weight loss and boosts metabolism.

Top 10 Foods That Aids Weight Loss and Boosts Metabolism

1. Protein Rich Foods

Protein rich foods like meat, dairy, nuts and legumes help in increasing body metabolism. Since these foods require for more energy to digest, they result in increasing metabolism. Researchers have shown that protein rich foods increase the metabolism rate to 15-30%, while carbohydrates increase only to 5-10% and 0-3% for fats.

Since protein rich foods helps to increase metabolism, so it results in weight loss without losing muscle mass. Protein rich foods help in keeping you fuller for a long time and hence help prevent overeating.

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2. Whole Grains 

For aiding weight loss and boosting metabolism, it is important to include variety of foods to keep blood sugar levels at balance and also keeps you feel fuller for long time. For keeping you. hunger in check, it is necessary to include healthy carbohydrates and fibre rich foods.

Whole grains are a great option for this, since they are healthier and contains fibre-rich bran. They are a bit tougher to digest hence keeps our metabolism rate higher. Prefer for brown rice, ragi, quinoa and oatmeals over processed foods grains and flour.

3. Metabolism Boosting Spices

Most spices have been found to have particularly beneficial metabolism boosting properties.

For example, 2 grams of drinking ginger powder in hot water helps burn 43 calories than drinking hot water. The ginger water also helps in suppressing feeling of hunger.

A study also found that participants given a 40-mg extract of grains of paradise burned 43 more calories in the following two hours than those given a placebo (Ref).

Similarly, cayenne pepper helps in increasing energy burn and boosting metabolism. Though these results might change from person to person depending on their age and gender.


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4. Iron and Zinc Rich Foods

Iron, Selenium and Zinc play important roles in regulating metabolism of body. These three helps in proper functioning of thyroid gland, which regulates body metabolism. Lack of these nutrients might result in slowing down of metabolism and hormonal imbalances.

Hence, it is essential to include iron, zinc and selenium rich foods like seafoods, meat, green vegetables, nuts and seeds.

5. Chilli peppers

Captain is a component found in chilli peppers, which helps in boosting metabolism and increasing calorie burn. A review of more than 20 research studies shows that capsaicin helps in body burn of 50 extra calories. This effect is observed while taking around 135-150mg of capsaicin a day.

Capsaicin also shows appetite reducing properties. According to a recent study, eating 2 mg of capsaicin before meal helps in reducing calories consumed (Ref).

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6. Coffee and Tea

Many studies have proven that caffeine found in coffee and tea helps in creasing metabolic rate upto 11% (Ref).

A study has shown that consuming atlas 270mg of caffeine or3 cups of coffee burns around 100 calories a day (Ref).

Also caffeine also might help I burning fat to energy and it is found to be effective in boosting workout performance. (Ref)

Oolong and green tea might help in increasing metabolism by 4–10%, which could add up to burning about 100 calories per day (Ref).

7. Cacao

If you are a chocolate lover, then all you need is to include cacao and cocoa in your diet to boos metabolism. For example, studies in mic showed that cocoa and cacao extracts promote burning of fat to energy and it was found very effective in high calorie diets (Ref).


8. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a recent popular remedy known to increasing metabolism and burning fat to energy. Studies have proven that consuming apple cider vinegar helps in decreasing fat storage, reducing liver fat and belly fat storage. They also help in reducing appetite and enhancing feeling of fullness.

A study has proven that consuming four teaspoons or 20 ml of apple cider vinegar burned 275 more calories over the day (Ref).

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9. Water

This might sound very simple but this is one of the most effective ways of losing weight. It helps you keep hydrated and drinking water boosts metabolism by 25-30%. The effects of increasing metabolism after drinking water lasted for about 60 to 90 minutes and it might vary for every person.

10. Flaxseeds

Flaxseeds is a finer and healthy fats rich food. It is low in calories and helps you keep fuller for a long time. It is also rich in antioxidants that helps in removing toxins stopping proper body metabolism.

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11. Mushrooms

Mushrooms are packed in nutritions and rich in vitamins and finer, which is essential for strong immune system. It also contains other important nutrients like vitamin Dselenium, potassium, and copper. Vitamin D deficiency might result in slowing down of mechanism, hence make sure to get your vitamin D from foods like mushrooms, fish and eggs.

I hope you found this article helpful, make sure to leave down your feedback and suggestions in the comment section below.
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