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10 Simple tips to effectively prevent Hair Loss!

10 Simple tips to effectively prevent Hair Loss!

Hair is a nonliving substance. Caring hair in an optimal fashion increases the ‘longevity’ . These simple hair care tips can be followed to prevent hair loss.

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Top 10 to Tips Prevent Hair Fall

Do not comb damp hair

Wet hair is tangled and fragile and is more likely to get damaged. If styled just before it gets completely dry, then hair sets in position . Thus, it is best to use fingers to fix entangled hair while it is wet and then allow it to almost dry prior to styling to prevent hair breakage.

Allow hair to air-dry avoiding heated drying appliances

Any type of heat damages hair shafts permanently and damages the protein structure of the hair. Water plasticizes of all of the keratin-based structures of the body including the skin, hair, and nails. The heat attempts to speed evaporation of the water on the outside of the hair shaft and heated styling appliances rearrange the water bonds. The dryers can be safely used if the nozzle is held at least 12 inches from the hair, allowing the air to cool before touching the hair shaft. They can also should be started on low heat to initially warm the hair prior to drying at higher temperatures.

10 Simple tips to effectively prevent Hair Loss!

Apply an instant conditioner after each shampooing

Instant conditioners are products applied immediately left on the hair for a short period of time after shampooing in the bath or shower. An instant conditioner is important to prevent tangles from developing among the hair shafts, increase hair shine, they also decrease grooming friction. Hair conditioners also provide a protective coating over the hair shaft that can protect from heat damage and the effects of UV radiation. It also prolongs hair longevity, no matter what the underlying cause of hair loss may be.

10 Simple tips to effectively prevent Hair Loss!

Use deep conditioner

Damage of hair or chemical processing is minimized with a deep conditioner. Deep conditioners are applied to hair for 20–30 minutes outside the bath or shower.

An oil treatment is good for kinky hair. The process of straightening hair decreases hair water content, which reduces the hair elasticity and leads to hair breakage. This treatment helps in moisturizing and conditions the cuticle and prevents further water loss from the hair shaft.

Protein packs or any D.I.Y masks of your choice can diffuse into the hair shaft through the cuticular defects created by the chemical treatment. It imparts some strength to the hair shaft and cuticular scale more than an instant conditioner. Chemically processed hair needs a deep conditioner once every 1–2 weeks in addition to an instant conditioner after shampooing.

Protect hair

It is necessary to protect hair from the sun, pollutants and from the sun’s heat. Wearing a hat, cap or scarf can protect hair from over-exposure to the sun, wind and pollution.

Select a wide-toothed comb with handle

A wide-toothed comb decreases hair breakage by minimizing the friction between the hair and the teeth of the comb. To reduce combing friction, choose a broadly spaced smooth teeth, preferably Teflon-coated. A comb that tends to grab the hair shafts as they pass through the tangled hair damages hair shaft. It can also damage the point where cuticular scale is most disrupted or completely absent.

10 Simple tips to effectively prevent Hair Loss!

Comb hair regularly

Brushing regularly helps to distribute natural oils evenly throughout your hair. This gives your hair a healthy shine. Use a soft-bristled brush to gently brush your hair. Vigorous brushing can scratch the scalp and break the hair.

Manipulating hair as little as possible

The dying or perming of hair weakens hair. Combing, brushing, curling, twisting, clipping, teasing and braiding the hair incurs damage and this damage is permanent. Any manipulation of the hair shaft results in the possibility of cuticular damage. This is visible even on the healthiest head of hair as a tightly overlapped intact cuticle on the newly grown hair shaft is fragile and is more prone to breakage and hair loss. Reducing manipulation reduces chemical and physical environmental insults on the hair shaft.

Avoid scratching hair and scalp

Itchy scalp problems like dandruff can lead to hair loss. The broken hair from dandruff has cuticle and hair shaft fracture. It is possible to remove the entire cuticle from the hair shaft with 1 hour of vigorous scratching. One Hair can easily be accumulated if the person scratches 10 minutes a day for 6 days. Itching causes scratch on the scalp, but it is impossible to scratch the scalp without scratching the hair shafts, as well. Scratching of the scalp can lead to increased hair breakage. Fingernail damage to the hair shaft will result in dull, unmanageable, broken hair that performs poorly. Stopping hair shaft damage from scalp itching is key to solving the cause of hair loss.

Trim hair regularly

Too much chemical processing and too little conditioner application causes hair damage and hair fall. Cut away hair to a presentable appearance to remove broken hair shafts. By removing 1–2 inches from the distal hair shafts trims away the split ends and creates new hair ends that are less frizzy, more likely to maintain a curl, and to tame the hair (less static electricity). Trim hair once 6 to 7 week keeps the hair healthy.

10 Simple tips to effectively prevent Hair Loss!

What is your favorite hair care tip? Let me know in the comment section below.
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