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27 Handy Ways To Use Lemon Essential oil

27 Handy Ways To Use Lemon Essential oil

Lemon essential oil is cold-pressed from the rinds of lemons. The oil is also well known for its powerful cleansing properties. Additionally, the oil provides a refreshing and healthy boost. When diffused, the oil is very uplifting and energizing and has been shown to help improve mood.This oil is also a key ingredient in many hair and skin care products.

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Uses of Lemon essential oil

1. Cures Crusty skin

Next time when you notice hard, crusty skin regularly add a few drops of the oil to it. Soon it will result in soft skin.

2. Brighter Complexion

Lemon oil can help remove dead skin cells and exfoliate. For a homemade defoliant, add few drops to a small amount of oatmeal and water to scrub the face.

3. Acne treatment

Lemon oil is a powerful remedy to fight acne spots. It is a rich source of antioxidants and vitamin c that help reduce acne-causing bacteria and germs. The properties contained in the oil aid the skin to boost the production of collagen and maintain an equal balance between sebum production. Thus helping the skin to reduce acne scars.

4. Hair Highlights

Use the oil to create your own hair highlights. Just go in the sun after using a drop or two drops of the oil (not more) with your hair product, and it will lighten your hair.

5. Fights Fungus

Lemon oil is great for nails, and can also help fight against nail fungus. Apply the oil directly on to the fungus affected nails.

6. Revive Up

First, diffuse this essential oil to brighten and energize your mood. It also creates a clear mind, a clean state, a fresh outlook.

7. Recover tired feet

Pamper yourself by mixing a few drops with fractional coconut oil and apply on tired, dry, cracked feet.

8. Mood energizer

When you lack motivation or energy, try rubbing a drop of Lemon on your hands, the back of your neck or hair. You’ll be amazed at the power of the Lemony aroma!

9. Focus

Diffuse this oil with Peppermint oil in a room to help to stay a kid awake and focused.

10. Energize and Whiten Tooth

Mix a few drops of lemon essential oil, baking soda and coconut oil and rub on your teeth for few minutes and then rinse.

11. Detoxify body

Adding 2 drops of lemon oil in your water daily can detox your body, support metabolism and aids in weight loss.

12. Free Respiratory Problems 

Lemon oil can be used with a diffuser to ease breathing and cure wheezing, cough, sinus, colds and many other respiratory problems.

13. De-scratch Scratchy Throat 

Add a couple drops of lemon oil to warm water and honey to cure sore throat feeling, cough, and fever. This oil can also fights bacteria, as well as viruses.

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14. Preserve Fresh Fruit

Use Lemon essential oil in a spray to keep your cut fruit fresh until serving.

15. All-Purpose Cleaner

Mix few drops lemon oil with equal parts of water and vinegar in a sprayer bottle to clean floors and surfaces. You can use to clean kitchen counters and stainless steel appliances. For stainless steel, in the same way mix Lemon essential oil with olive oil for best results.

16. Refresh Bad Smelling Washcloth

Due to prolonged time in water, wash cloth can smell bad. To get rid of this, add lemon oil to your detergent, soak overnight, wash and dry. Moreover, your kitchen will smell better.

17. Nourishes Leathers and Furniture

Preserve and prevent leather from splitting with a Lemon oil soaked cloth. The oil adds a gorgeous shine, and prevents fine wood finishes from drying out. It also replaces lost moisture in antique woods as it penetrates worn finishes. A few drops of this essential oil combined with a few drops to olive oil helps as a great furniture polish.

18. Perk Up Laundry

Instead of drying sheets, try adding a few drops of lemon oil to a damp wash cloth with the rest of your laundry. It is natural and safe to use. Lemon essential oil takes out odor away and keeps the clothes smelling fresh.

19.Powerful dishwasher

Add a couple drops of the essential oil to your dishwater. The oil will make it a better experience for you while taking advantage of the cleaning qualities in this essential oil.

20. Washes away grease

Soap alone won’t remove the grease, but lemon oil mixed with your soap will. So, the oil is a great way to cleanse hands and grease.

21. Gets Rid Of Stickiness

Lemon essential oil is easily removes sticky things, stickers, tatoos and marker. It can even get the annoying gum out of hair.

22. Polish Silver

A lemon oil treated cloth is a wonderful remedy for the early stages of tarnish on silver or other metals.

23. Clean Porous Stone

Lemon oil cleans the stone deep within and leaves with a natural fresh lemon aroma, rather than a chemical smell.

24. Disinfectant

To disinfect you can add the oil to a spray bottle of water and spray on range hood, on tables, counter tops and other surfaces. For some extra power, a little vinegar can be added.

25. Eradicates Undesirable Smells

When you find some unpleasant smell in your home, first be sure to diffuse the oil to neutralize odors.

26. Refresh old things 

Things get stored away and get old. Chase away the old smell and also help inject new energy with a lemon oil wipe down.

27. Control bugs in garden

Lemon oil diluted with water in a spray bottle is a natural pesticide. It helps to kill aphids and their larvae on contact, but leaves the plants healthy and looking lovely.


  • Possible skin sensitivity.
  • If you are pregnant, nursing, or under a doctor’s care, consult your physician.
  • Avoid sunlight or UV rays for up to 12 hours after applying product.
Try out lemon essential oil, I would love to know how these methods worked out for you, let me know in the comment section below.
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