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Health Benefits Of 20 Minutes Of Cardio Exercise

Health Benefits Of 20 Minutes Of Cardio Exercise

Many of us believe the myth of exercising has to be done more than 60 minutes involving cardio, or weight lifts. This actually makes you tired and give up on exercising. If your work schedule is tight, you can try this 20 minutes of cardio exercise every day. Here are some of the health benefits of cardio exercise.

What is a cardio exercise?

Cardio stands for cardiovascular fitness. It is a form of exercise that helps to stimulate heart beat faster than normal and also causes breathing rate to increase, which can be sustained for the length of the exercise session. The cardio exercises includes walking, running, jogging, swimming. and zumba. Cardio exercises helps to burn calories and improve health.

Health Benefits Of 20 Minutes Of Cardio Exercise

1. Fitness

Health Benefits Of 20 Minutes Of Cardio Exercise

It is not a surprise that cardio exercise helps to burn calories. It helps you lose weight and also acts as a fuel for building muscles.

A recent study has proved that cardio has significant effect in obese and overweight people. One group burned 600 calories for 5 days a week doing cardio were successful at losing 5.7% of their body weight. And the other group 400 calories for 5 days a week lost slightly less, 4.3% of their weight. And the other group who did not do cardio gained 0.5% of weight in that study.

2. Boost respiratory health

Cardio exercises actually leaves you out of breath but it actually benefits you in the long run. While exercising, the lungs use up more oxygen than it usually does, it helps to provide more oxygen to all parts of the body. As a result, it improves the efficiency of lungs and helps to draw more oxygen out and eliminate carbon dioxide from body.

3. Improves Immunity

Physical inactivity is the primary reason of chronic diseases. As a result of increased cardiac and respiratory efficiency, the overall metabolism of body is increased. As a result of this, it helps you remove unnecessary toxins and better absorption of oxygen and nutrients; thus increasing overall immunity. Cardio makes you improve and strengthen body.

4. Boosts Energy

It is no secret that physically active people tend to be more energetic and has more stamina. Cardio can benefit all individuals, including healthy and unhealthy individuals. Cardio studies have showed that persistent 6 week cardio benefited individuals to feel less tired.

5. Improves Skin Health

Due to increased metabolism, the blood is circulated to all parts of the body. As a result, it helps you to clear complexion and improve the skin health. Dermatologist studies have showed that it makes skin healthy and flawless. So, if you are suffering from acne, pimples and psoriasis, a good cardio session can help you protect skin.

6. Manages Diabetes

Health Benefits Of 20 Minutes Of Cardio Exercise

In addition to diet, cardio exercise helps diabetes stay in control. Exercise actually helps you to easily control blood sugar control. Cardio helps you regulate insulin production in body, hence help you control type 2 of diabetes.

It does not matter if you don’t have enough insulin or insulin resistant, cardio helps muscles utilize glucose and turns blood glucose level down.

7. Better Sleeping

The energy spent during exercising is retained during sleep. A study has shown that 15o minutes of exercising shows 65% improved sleep. Another research has showed that cardio has increased sleep quality too. It benefits people suffering from sleep disorders and insomnia.

8. Enhance Cardiovascular Health

The whole point of cardio revolve around improving heart function. Inactivity is one of the main reason for heart problems. Exercising regularly helps to better heart pumping and supplying blood to all parts of your body. Regular cardio improves heart health and lightens strains in heart.

9. Better Mind Health

Health Benefits Of 20 Minutes Of Cardio Exercise

Besides all physical benefits, cardio can improve mood and alleviate levels of stress, anxiety, and depression. A study published 156 patients who went through depression saw positive correlation between depression and exercise. In fact, exercise is one of the best and effective option to overcome stress and maintain good mental health.

10. Develops self-confidence

Regular exercising everyday makes you stick to a plan and makes you disciplined in your everyday activities. Since it is a 20 minute workout you can easily stick to it, and eventually you will follow a healthy lifestyle. It also helps you improve self-confidence everyday as a result of this.


As you can see, there are a lot of benefits from exercise. A 20 minute cardio exercise is going to help you improve physical, mental and emotional health.

I hope you found this article helpful, please leave down your comments.
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