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16 Extraordinary Health Benefits Of Green Tea

16 Extraordinary Green Tea Health Benefits

Green tea is a health star with extraordinary benefits for heart health, mental health, weight loss and prevention of serious health problems like cancer and diabetes. Some of the most effective varieties of green tea are Schincha, Long Jing, Kukicha, Gyokuro and Matcha green tea. Here is a list of 16 best green tea health benefits.

16 Outstanding Green Tea Health Benefits

1. Benefits Heart Health

Green tea has the potential to increase the antioxidant capacity of blood , thus preventing plaque development in heart. Research has proven that drinking green tea reduced 31% risk of cardiovascular ailments. It also helps control insulin, blood sugar and cholesterol, which are other common problems that causes heart problems.

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2. Controls Cholesterol

Green tea has been proven to reduce LDL or bad cholesterol levels. Bad cholesterol level in the blood vessels can cause major risk diseases in body. Since green tea is rich in anti-oxidant properties, it can remove oxidation particles of cholesterol from body. Drinking green tea can improve overall cholesterol levels in body and prevents strokes and heart problems.

3. Reduces Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is a disease that has now inflicted more than 400 million people. Green tea can signal cells that it can metabolise sugar and enhances metabolic function. The polyphenols present in green tea regulates glucose levels in body. Japanese who include green tea have found to lower risk upto 44% of type 2 diabetes.

4. Aids Weight Loss

16 Extraordinary Green Tea Health Benefits

Green tea can increase metabolic rte of body that helps to lose weight. It decreases fat percentage in body mainly waist and belly fat. Green tea taken along with proper diet and exercise can yield even better results.

5. Reduces Stress and Improves Mood

The amino acid L-theanine in green tea has anti-anxiety effects and reduces depression. It increases dopamine and alpha wave in brain that aids relaxation and improves overall mood.

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6. Prevents Brain and Cognitive Decline

Green tea can improve brain function and prevent degenerative brain problems. Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases are common brain problems due to cause of dementia and death of dopamine in brain respectively. Drinking green tea can reduce risk of brain and cognitive decline by protecting brain. It also ensures production of dopamine for brain.

7. Controls Blood Pressure

Regular intake of green tea can improve blood pressure levels. Research have proven that drinking green tea lowers risk of lower blood pressure by 8% and stroke by 5%. Green tea is a ACE inhibitor that is usually secreted by kidneys for blood pressure regulation. Hence, drinking it aids good blood flow and prevents blood pressure problems.

8. Reduces Risk of Cancer

According to the National Cancer Institute, the polyphenols present in green tea are known to reduce tumour growth in animals. It is also believed to kill cancerous cells and inhibits them from growing. Besides they are also rich in anti-oxidants and hence inhibits the risk of cancer.

9. Boosts Immune System

The catechins in green tea boosts immune system. Green tea protects against oxidants and suppress auto-immune diseases. These catching also has anti-cancer properties that protects against DNA and free radical damage that can affect immune system. Green tea can kill cancer oils without killing the healthy ones, so it is been recommended. by doctors to cancer patients.

10. Reduces Risk of Kidney Stones

Green tea prevents kidney stones to form. Mostly kidney stones contain calcium and most common type is calcium oxalate. A green tea extract bond to calcium oxalate and makes the resulting crystals a different shapes, which makes them less likely to clump together and form large kidney stones.

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11. Aids Digestion

The antioxidants in green tea promotes digestive health. It offers vital vitamins B, C, E that are essential for digestion. The catechins in green tea improves digestion and absorption of nutrients into the body. It also has anti-inflammatory properties that can prevent digestive problems.

12. Improves Brain Function

16 Extraordinary Green Tea Health Benefits

Green tea can actually make you smarter. The amino acid L-theanine in green tea increases dopamine and alpha waves in brain. Hence, green tea improves overall working of brain and is actually proven to be more effective than caffeine.

13. Reduces Asthma

The antioxidant quercetin in green tea can inhibit the release of inflammatory substances from mast cells, which are involved in allergic responses. Try drinking two cups of green tea daily helps to keep symptoms at bay.

14. Improves Bone Health

Drinking Green tea everyday can make your bones stronger. This is because alkaline-forming in your body helps prevent the leaching of minerals from your bones to counteract blood acidity and maintain proper blood pH.

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15. Relieves Arthritis

Green tea is an anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory rich refreshing drink that can reduce arthritis pain. It limits the production of molecules contributing to inflammation and pain. It is also rich in vitamins and minerals that flushes out toxins and improves overall health. Drinking green tea helps to reduce rheumatoid arthritis without affecting cell function.

16. Boosts Dental Health

Green tea prevents plaque formation caused by Streptococcus mutans. It also improves overall dental health and prevents bad breadth. It has anti-inflammatory properties that prevents build up of bacterial in mouth.

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