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The Secrets Behind Beautiful Skin Of Korean Women

Korean women are well known to take perfect care for their bodies, starting from diet to skin care. They have a high sense of fashion, art, and aesthetics. You can see the reflection in the way they dress and doll themselves with proper skin care and makeup. They have passed on for generations the importance of pride and care in their skin and health. They solely rely on many organic skin care, which is the secret behind their clean, pure and luminous faces.

Top Beauty Secrets Of Korean Woman

Double Cleansing

Cleanse-Tone-Moisturize (CTM) is religiously followed by Korean women. You can know more about CTM routine here. They follow a double cleansing routine to completely remove any dirt or makeup present in skin. As a first step, they use an oil based or oil-free cleanser (based on the skin type) for about 4 minutes to remove makeup, sunscreen and impurities. Secondly, they go with a gentle face cleanser or any micellar water to remove the traces of left over cleanser or dirt present in the skin for 2 minutes. This technique helps to cleanse the skin, while helping to close all open pores. They do not prefer using soap as it has high alkalinity which can disrupt the pH balance of skin and cause skin problems.

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7 Step Toning Method

Korean women follow an unique way of applying toner in a 7 step method. First step including a cotton ball to wipe off the skin, The remaining six steps is by patting the toner. Patting toner accelerates better absorption into skin. This 7 step toning process helps imparting immense nourishment and pH balance to skin.

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Sheet Masks

Korean sheet mask has been in trend right now. Instagram is flooded with pictures of people plastered with these masks. Korean women apply this sheet mask for 15 minutes a day, for immense nourishment. These masks are available in a ton of varieties, they switch according to their skin needs.

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Essence is the heart of beauty routine of Korean women. They claim it to be the most important step of their routine. It is a product which is similar to serums or ampoules enriched with nutrients. It has a water consistency similar to a toner, hence it easily absorbable and feels light on the skin. The role of an essence in skin care is to prepare skin before serum application and balances the pH of skin.

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Neck Cream

What good is a radiant face when you have a dry and ugly neck? In your 20s and 30s, neck starts to have a clutch feeling and show visible fine lines. The neck has very sensitive skin as your face, it requires care too. So, this is the reason why Korean women do not skip on their neck creams. They properly take care of their neck as good as their face.

Scrub Regularly

Korean women use a scrub on face and body, two or more times regularly to maintain smooth skin. They prefer using mild scrubs over harsh scrubs that are aggressive on skin. It helps to remove the dead cells to remove ingrown hairs and body acne. Hence, helping in evening out the skin overall.


Whether it is hot summer, humid rainy day or a cold winter, Korean women never skip on a sunscreen. Korean sunscreens are formulated better than the western ones. They are curated with ingredients carefully to feel light weight, easily spreadable and do not leave any cast behind after application.

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Skin Care Day And Night

The 10 step skincare routine are religiously followed by Korean women both day and night. The 10 step process includes double cleanser, exfoliater, toner, sheet masks, essence, serum, moisturizer, eye cream, and sunscreen. They focus mainly on skin whitening and tightening properties in their skin care products.

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Sleeping Mask

Besides the 10 step skin care routine, Korean women use a sleeping mask before going to bed. This mask helps to deeply nourish, moisturize, brighten, tighten, and remove dead skin cells while sleeping.
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