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13 Life Lessons from the characters of Game of Thrones

13 Life Lessons from the characters of Game of Thrones

Of course real life is not like living in Westeros, where there are night walkers, faceless people, dire wolves, dragons and the battles for the iron throne. What makes Game of Thrones show so special is that the characters and the emotions are so original and we learn a lot from them.


Since this story is a fantasy to start with, you might Game of Thrones is about a prince who has comes to take over his princess to his kingdom and lived happily forever, Hell no!! The prince (Joffrey) is evil and “illegitimate”, while the real heir to throne is raised as an “illegitimate” son in the North. The story plot is empathetic. But that’s what makes Game of thrones interesting; it is full of unexpected twists and turns.

Life Lessons from Game of Thrones

Here is some life lessons learned from Game of thrones:

  1. History is made by those who break the rules.

In Essos, Daenarys is the first woman to lead the Dothrakis and first one to break the chains of slaves. She is kind and smart. She breaks traditional way; she gives freedom and wins over people’s hearts. This inspires many to support her to take over the iron throne.

In real life, there is no need of becoming a queen with dragons (which would be cool though) or winning the iron throne. Don’t get me wrong; Rules are essential, but some rules are just lame. It is okay to be brave to break those for a good cause.

Emilia Clarke as Daenerys Targaryen Photo: HBO

  1. Accept and learn from your mistakes

Sansa Stark starts her journey to King’s Landing as a naive girl, she did a lot of mistakes in trusting the wrong persons, got betrayed by them and she suffered a lot from the Lannisters and Boltons. She admits her mistakes, learnt well from them and makes herself a better and a stronger person. She manages to escape from Ramsay, helps Jon take back Winterfell and wise enough to judge Little finger’s evil notions and kill him.

Making a mistake is fine but ignoring and not accepting it will never help a person to become a better one.

Aidan Gillen as Petyr “Littlefinger” Baelish and Sophie Turner as Sansa Stark – Photo: HBO

  1. Never miss an opportunity

“Waiting for the storm to pass” is unproductive. To make good out of a bad situation is something very clever and makes a leader more powerful. Daenarys was not born with luck. She seizes opportunities to benefit her, she convinced Dothraki to follow her after Drogo died, and she earned an army of Unsullied using her wits and took opportunity in Temple of Dosh Khaleen to show her power to take over Dothraki. She took every opportunity that is possible and made the best out of them.

Make use of every opportunities, it may come as a good or bad situation. It depends on how to make good use of it and handle it.

Emilia Clarke as Daenerys Targaryen Photo: HBO

  1. Intelligent ones are full of doubts and stupid ones are full of confidence

It is fair to admit Cersai is cunning and ambitious for all she has lost. Sometimes, Cersei’s decisions can be rash and selfish due to her jealousy and insecurity. She fails to hide her opinion about everyone. She tells everyone how they feel about them. She armed the High Septon which led to her ill fate. She threatens and kills the Tyrells even when she knows they were their most powerful alley. After all, Tywin Lannister is correct about Cersai, “I don’t distrust you because you’re a woman; I distrust you because you’re not as smart as you think you are”.

Lena Headey as Cersai Lannister Photo:HBO

  1. Loyalty is returned

Brienne of Tarth is the embodiment of loyalty. She is a woman of courage, power and determination. She stays true to formerly sworn Renly Baratheon and avenged him out of loyalty. She stays true to Catelyn Stark’s words, helps Jaime return King’s landing and also managed to track and guard the Stark girls. At first Jaime was mocking her for a woman but when he slowly learned about her loyalty and braveness he developed a respect for her and ended up being a good friend to her.

Loyalty is a two way street and it takes time and patience. And being a loyal person always earns respect.

Gwendoline Christie as Brienne of Tarth and Daniel Portman as Podrick Payne – Photo: HBO

  1. Truth sounds hate to those who hate the truth

Davos Seaworth is a man of honesty and he believed in being just. He believed in Stannis as the rightful king and fiercely fought for him. But it never stopped him from telling the mistakes he had been doing listening Melisandre. Even when Stannis threatens not to interfere and holds him as a prisoner, he never yielded and stayed honest.

Being honest is one of the best ways of caring for a person.

Liam Cunningham as Ser Davos Seaworth Photo: HBO

  1. Never forget morals

Life gives everyone a situation to become a bad person, but morals are important. Stannis Baratheon killed his brother using black magic and his own daughter for his selfishness. Ellaria and Sand Snakes killed an innocent girl to get back at Lannisters for the death of Oberyn. Freys and Boltons killed Robb Stark and Catelyn Stark when they were guests at a wedding. Karma pays back everything. Well in case of Game of thrones, it pays them death the way they caused others.

Michael McElhatton as Roose Bolton in Red wedding Photo: HBO

  1. Never underestimate anyone

Everyone has their own talents. Samwell Tarly is kind and a man of knowledge; even though he isn’t a great warrior he was brave enough to rescue Gilly and her son from a white walker and did everything possible to protect her.

During the battle of “illegitimates”, Jon Snow underestimated Sansa and never consulted with her about the war, who knew more than him about Ramsay. When he was about to lose the battle, Sansa helps him at the right time with the help of Knights of Vale.

Preconception is never a right way to judge a person. It is always fine to ask help of a person without underestimating them.

John Bradley as Samwell Tarly Photo: HBO

  1. Communication is the key

Margarey Tyrell is an underrated character in the show. She teaches how to behave in the real world. She builds rapport with people and effectively manipulates them (except for Cersai). She is smart enough to deal Joffrey (aka the beast). Building good relations is a great leadership quality and helps to maintain power. Tywin is also a brilliant in dealing people in politics; he closes terms benefiting him and also inspiring his allies to agree to them.

Eddard Stark fails as a leader due to lack of communication. Eddard Stark never motivated or effectively communicates to the people, who fought for him, he lost most of his allies like the Karstarks and it is because he didn’t encourage them or reward them. So loses his army and loses all his power, and lead to his murder.

Natalie Dorme as Margarey Tyrell and Diana Rigg as Olenna Tyrell Photo: HBO

  1. Life comes in a full circle

Be it good or bad deeds it comes to the ones who have done. Never underestimate the power of a kind gesture. Arya helped Jaqen H’ghar escape when he was in danger; so in return he helped her escape from Tywin Lannister and become a no faced girl. It gives her plenty of advantage and helps in killing the people in her list. All of a simple kind gesture of saving his life.

Maisie Williams as Arya Stark and David Bradley as Walder Frey Photo: HBO

  1. It is not about what happens, but how you handle it

There is a fine line between being kind and being naïve. Ned Stark was warned by Varys and Arya about the people in Kings landing. He was in a hurry and never analyses anything before acting out. As a result, Ned loses his head for being stupid enough to trust Cersai before telling the “truth” to Robert Baratheon.

Tyrion Lannister is a genius, he analyses people well and trusts accordingly. Having two Hand of the king’s killed, Tyrion didn’t want to take risks and he comes up with a plan. He tells to Pycelle about sending off Myrcella off to Dorne, to Varys about marrying her off to Theon Greyjoy and Littlefinger about sending her off to Robert Arryn separately to encounter the disloyal one using the different information. When Cersai comes to know he is sending off her daughter to Dorne, he realizes it is Pycelle.

Analysing people well helps to learn your friends and enemies. Being kind is fine but being naïve gets betrayed (and always killed in case of Game of thrones).

Sean Bean as Eddard Stark (Ned) Photo:HBO

  1. Be humble

Jaime was a horrible person who pushed down a 10 year old boy. He was arrogant and proud. When he is held as capture by the Starks and was tortured. On the way to King’s Landing, he loses his hand and regrets a lot. The sufferings had made him change in to a good person. There are so many GOT fans that have changed from season 1 quoting “I hate that guy” to season 7 “His is my favorite character now”.

“Pride is the parent of destruction; Pride eats the mind and the heart and the soul alive” –Anne Rice

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as Jaime Lannister – Photo: Helen Solen/HBO

  1. One who wants to wear the crown, bears its weight

In order to achieve something, it is necessary to give up on certain things. Daenarys lost one of her dragons, Viserion to save her men from the white walkers. She raised the dragons as her children but it didn’t stop her from doing her duties as the Queen protecting her people. That’s the kind of self-sacrifice that makes a good ruler.

Richard Brake as Night King attacking Viserion Photo: HBO

Jon bore the crown of loyalty for the Castle Black. So, he had to give up on Ygritte. Selfishness is not a character of a good leader and that person can never last as a leader too long. Every crown in the world comes at a price.

Kit Harington as Jon snow and Rose Leslie as Ygritte Photo: HBO

Who is your favorite character of Game of Thrones and why? Mine is Daenarys 🙂 because she is smart, kind and brave. Let me know yours in the comment section below.
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