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Top 7 Simple Makeup Mistakes That Makes You Look Older

Top 7 Simple Makeup Mistakes That Makes You Look Older

The whole idea of makeup is to make you look flawless and pretty. So, why do makeup which is going to make you look bad? These simple mistakes you could be making everyday is actually making you look older.

Top 7 Makeup Mistakes That Makes You Look Older

1. Using Lighter Shade

There are still people believing the myth of being too fair means beautiful. When you are using a shade way too lighter than your skin tone, it is going to make you look ashy or grey. Many women around the world is doing this mistake, I have done this on some point in my life too. Every skin type is beautiful, come on don’t tell me you don’t love Beyonce and Priyanka Chopra.

Makeup is not meant to make you “fair”. Slay your skin shade girl!

Always do a test of the concealer or foundation or BB cream/CC cream if it matches your face and neck color. LA girl is an amazing BB cream with variety of shades which provides light to medium coverage. Buy it online from Amazon.

2. Eyebrows

Many underestimate the power of eyebrows in makeup. Makeup can change your look from 0 to 100. Trimming and grooming it properly is necessary to slay the brow game.

Over arched brows or very thin brows can actually make you look older. On the other hand, overdoing eyebrows with dark eyebrow pencils can also make you look bad. So, keep it well groomed, filled and natural. Always opt for lighter eyebrow pencil with brown or grey undertones.

I love the Sugar cosmetics brow pencil. It comes in two shades- one for lighter eyebrows (Taupe Tom) and another for dark bushy brows (Jackie brown). It is easy to use and looks absolutely natural, you can never go wrong with this product. Buy it online from Amazon.

3. Black Eye liner/Kajal

Black color is too harsh and can make you look older. Go for subtle colorful shades like brown, grey, blue and green, which can make you look younger and pretty. It is also important to apply eye liner along upper lash liner rather than lower lash line preferably to create a neat eye look.

Lakme eyeconic kajal comes with different cool shades which matches all skin tones. Buy it online from Amazon.

4. Applying too much mascara

Mascara can help your eyes look big and beautiful. But applying too much of mascara is actually going to make your eye lashes look clumsy and ugly.Go for an eye lash curler before applying mascara and apply mascara for best results.

The Colorbar Zoom and Whoosh mascara is flexible with customization for day and night. One for subtle eye lash look and other for dramatic lash effect. Buy it online from Amazon.

5. Applying a lip shade that doesn’t match your skin tone

It is always fun experimenting new colors. Not to mention some lip shades matches differently according to different skin tones.

Always experiment the lip shade if it matches properly before you  buy it. Nykaa has an amazing collection of lip colors suiting Indian skin tones, but it online from Amazon.

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6. Base Makeup Mistakes

Foundations can provide good coverage but they are heavy on skin. Choose a foundation according to your skin type.

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If you don’t not have too much flaws on your skin, go for a concealer of BB cream for an everyday use. This can save time on application and is also light on your skin looking absolutely natural.

L.A Pro Girl concealer is a creamy formula easy to blend and available in a ton of shades,  you can easily find your match. Buy it online from Amazon.

7. Skipping Blush/Contour

Base makeup like BB cream, concealer, foundation can make your makeup look flat and unnatural. To avoid this flat result, go for a blush or contour.

A blush adds a healthy flush of pink/peach color to the cheeks. The balm fratboy is the perfect blush for all skin types.

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If you are not a fan of blushes, go for contour.bronzer which can add dimensions to face making your face look slimmer.

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I hope you found this article helpful. Make sure to leave our thoughts in the comment section below.


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