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Menstrual Hygiene And Side Effects Every Woman Must Be Aware Of

Menstrual Hygiene And Side Effects Every Woman Must Be Aware Of

Since periods had been very secretive in the society, many women are not aware whether they are hygienic or not. There are still women using same pad for a day or using an unhygienic cloth during periods. Since periods are considered unhygienic, some don’t even use detergent for the stained clothes. Here are some of the list of menstrual hygiene and side effects every woman must be aware of.

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Menstrual Hygiene And Side Effects

Menstrual Hygiene

1. Choose the right type of sanitation

One can prefer sanitary pads, menstrual cups or tampons for sanitation. Many women in India prefer sanitary pads, but make sure to stick with one brand and type that you feel comfortable. If you prefer tampons, make sure to choose one with low absorbency rate.

2. Change pads regularly

Menstrual blood can get easily contaminated with body organisms, so it is easily prone to conditions like rashes, urinary infection, vaginal infections. Sanitary pads needs to be changed every six hours. Tampons needs to changed every two hours. Menstrual flow of every women is different, some have heavy flow and needs to change pads often while some have less low but they must too change at regular intervals.

3. Cleanse regularly

Since vagina has own mechanism of maintaining hygiene in its area, do not use any soap or hygiene products inside vagina. You can use soap to cleanse the area around vagina, but use some warm water for cleansing inside vagina.

4. Bath regularly

Some cultures follow the myth that women shouldn’t bath during menstruation. But in reality, having a bath is good for menstruating women. It cleanses you body and private parts well, and also relieves cramps,mood fluctuations, backaches, and bloated. So while having serious cramps or mood fluctuations, you can use a good hot shower to relieve the stress.

5. Cleanse properly

During periods, the blood can enter in tiny spaces in vagina and make you uncomfortable and cause bacterial infections. Cleansing the area properly can also help you fight bad odor. While changing your sanitary pads or napkin, always wash with water or wipe off with toilet paper to avoid bacteria formations.

6. Choose only one way of sanitation

Some women prefer to use two sanitary pads, and waste cloth in periods cycle. Since you use two pads, you will not need to change the pads at intervals and that might lead to many problems. This can lead to infections and rashes. This is the same in case of tampon and can get worse too.

Side Effects Of Unhygienic Periods

1. Rash

Rash is one of the common problems faced by women during menstruation. The main cause is because of women not changing pads at regular intervals.

2. Urine infections

Not cleansing properly can cause urine infections too. They don’t just affect externally, but they can cause pain in stomach, abdomen and affects kidneys too.

3. White discharge

White discharge is not always because of poor hygiene, but sometimes it is. Due to poor hygiene, bacteria accumulation can cause white discharge in women.

4. Infertility

If cleansing, and regular changing of sanitary products is not followed regularly, it might cause accumulation of bacteria in vagina. This can sometimes lead to infertility and cervical cancer too.

Make sure to share this article to every woman you know and create awareness on periods hygiene. I hope you found this article, make sure to leave down your thoughts and suggestions in the comment section below.
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