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Top 10 Skin Brightening Products Available In India (2020)

Top 10 Skin Brightening Products Available In India (2020)

We all know what a touch of highlighter can do to your face. That gorgeous lit-from-within glow need not come just from your makeup, it can also be achieved with proper nutrition, sleep and skin care. Skin brightening products are loaded with antioxidants like vitamin C that helps diminish black spots and improves complexion of skin. Keep reading to know the top 10 skin brightening products available in India (2020).

Best 10 Face Masks Available In India (2020)

10 Best Face Masks Available In India (2020)

Considering an ideal skincare routine, applying face mask once or twice a week is something no woman or man can go wrong with. Some people pick the products depending on reviews without considering their own skin type which doesn’t eventually work well with your skin. It is essential to know your skin type to know the products that will suit you. Here is a list of updated best face masks […]

Kamaakshi Botanicals Review

Kamaakshi Botanicals is a natural herbal beauty brand formulated without harmful chemicals that offers a range of herbal face packs, hair oil, medicated soaps, hydrosols, cold pressed natural oils and essential oils. I tested out their pure Rose Water, Chandrima Facial Ubtan and Rhassoul Clay Deep Hydrating Face Mask for a month. Here is a detailed Kamaakshi Botanicals review.

Uses Of Crystal Face Rollers - Do They Really Work?

Uses Of Crystal Face Rollers – Do They Really Work?

If you are a skincare junkie, you probably would have come across these trendy handheld tools with two rollable stones at each end. Guess what? These rollers have been trend since the 17th century! Yes, these face rollers comes from China where it was used for reducing puffiness, reducing appearance of under-eye-circles, eye bags, reduce wrinkles, increase blood circulation and ease pain. Lets review the types and uses of crystal […]

Yoga Skin - 2019's Hot Beauty Trend

Yoga Skin – 2019’s Hot Beauty Trend

If you keep up with the Instagram trends, you might have heard this term before. If you haven’t, ‘Yoga Skin’ means achieving yoga skin without breaking sweat. Contrary to its name, it doesn’t involve only skin care but also makeup. Yoga skin makeup is the latest makeup trend going viral on all social media. To learn more about Yoga Skin 2019’s hot beauty trend, please keep on reading.

21 Outstanding Beauty Benefits Of Multanni Mitti (Fuller Earth)

21 Outstanding Beauty Benefits Of Multanni Mitti (Fuller Earth)

Fuller earth (Multanni mitti) has been traditionally used in the India for skin care. It is a clay consisting bentonite, a key ingredient in many commercial clay masks. Fuller earth has excellent cleansing and exfoliating properties that helps in improving the skin tone as well as texture. It can be used to treat different skin problems using simple home remedies. Here is a list of 21 outstanding beauty benefits of […]