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The Balm Bahama Mama Bronzer Review

The Balm Bahama Mama Bronzer Review

I am not really much a “contour” girl, I am more of a “highlighter” girl. After trying out The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer, I cannot wait to try more of the Balm brand. Since I was in need of a mild contour/bronzer, I decided to try out  Bahama Mama bronzer. And it is the perfect product for my expectations. I know there is and was so much hype of this bronzer product, and the product justifies the hype really well.

What is the Difference between Contouring and Bronzing?

Bronzing is basically to fake a suntan. Bronzing gives natural look and ideal for everyday wear. Contouring helps to add definition to nose, cheeks and jawline and helps to slim down the face for the chiseled look.


Finally, a Caribbean beach getaway placed in compact! The bronzer has a matte texture that creates a beautifully tanned skin for all undertones for the beach glow. Bahama Mama doubles as the perfect contour powder, matte brown eye shadow and neutral brow-filler. This tropical beauty keeps busy!


Zinc Stearate, Mica, Dimethicone, Polyisobutene, Polyethylene, Bismuth Oxychloride (CI 77163), Isoeicosane, Silica, Iron Oxides (CI 77491, CI 77492, CI 77499).

The brand is paraben-free, talc-fee and cruelty free. Hence, safe to use.


$20 / 7.08 g

The Balm Bahama Mama Bronzer Review


The cute little cardboard packaging which slides off from its cover. It also comes with its own mirror. It is also very light weight (actually lighter than light weight) and easy to carry around. The cardboard packaging closes with the magnet, so it might be prone to breakage when used carelessly.


Bahama Mama is a matte brown color which makes it ideal for both contouring and bronzing. The color is a neither very cool toned brown nor a warm toned brown. It is grey under toned with neutral tone. The grey under tone of the product prevents it from looking powdery and gives a natural sculpted contouring effect. This shades works as a contour for fair to medium dusky complexions really well. Since this product is a subtle neutral brown, it might work only as bronzer for complexions darker than medium complexions.


The pigmentation is not crazy as any other contour or a bronze product color. It is neither too powdery/muddy nor too tightly packed. The texture is soft and easily blendable. It does not get patchy during application it glides on without effort and blends really well.


This product is very versatile. This weightless cardboard box can be of many uses to you during vacations. For a subtle look, you can use Bahama Mama to gently add definition to the cheek bones, forehead, jaw line and nose. If it is summer and you need a nice sun kissed look on the face with a fake tan, use it as a bronzer. Since it is beautiful brown shade it can be used as an eye shadow by itself. This brown color works as an amazing transition color in my eye makeup. The eye shadow is suitable for crease and contour of eye makeup.


The product stays on really well. Of course it will not last as a liquid contour product, but it does a decent job. Without a setting spray, it stays on about 6 hours with no fading. There is slight  fading after wards which can be fixed with a quick touch up. A setting spray makes it 8 hours time on the skin without fading.

Who would I recommend?

If you are a girl like me, new to “contouring” then go with this product. It is a very good beginner friendly product. I assure you it is simply easy to apply, blend and looks natural.

Overall Score: 9/10 🙂

What is holy-grail bronzing product? Let me know in the comment section below.
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