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TheBalm FratBoy Blush/Shadow Review

The Balm FratBoy Blush/Shadow Review

I am always in a hunt of blushes for a practical makeup. I came to know of the “fratboy” blush when it was strongly suggested by one of my favorite youtubers Arshia Moorjani in one of her videos. So, I made a blind buy online and I have no regrets. Thank you, Arshia 🙂

What is a blush?

A blush is used to add a beautiful natural and healthy flush to cheeks. It comes in various colors like pink, peach, yellow etc,. Blushes varies according to skin tone.

The Balm FratBoy Blush/Shadow Description:

The FratBoy’s finely milled and graded powder is a paraben-free, talc-free formula that helps to add a beautiful healthy flush to your face which looks perfect around the clock.

Ingredient list:



$ 21.00 / 8.5 g


The balm products are paraben-free, talc-free and cruelty-free. Hence, they are safe to use on skin without side effects.

The Balm FratBoy Blush/Shadow Review

I think one of the reasons why everyone is fond of The Balm brand is because of the mischievous names and playful packaging.The fratboy blush comes in a lovely vintage packaging.


The fratboy blush comes in a slide out cardboard case. The design is pretty compact. It’s a flip design just like Thebalm Bahama Mama bronzer that is made of cardboard. It has a magnetic closure and inside where there is a mirror which is handy for makeup application and touch ups.


The blush is a matte shade. So, if you are a girl fond of sparkle or shiny finishes in blushes then this isn’t the one for you. I have tried a lot of blushes but this color is very unique. It is versatile as well as practical. The color is a healthy combination of gorgeous pink and peach apricot. It adds a nice healthy flush on the cheeks.


The pigmentation is excellent. A single swipe across the cheek is enough for that natural flushed look, so be careful while applying it. The blush pigment is a finely milled powder. It blends easily and has plenty of color pay off. Since it glides on smoothly it also suits dry skinned girls without the makeup getting chalky or streaky when applied. It does not cause fall outs during the application.

The “fratboy” can be used as blush with a lighter hand for who want a soft shade of peachy pink. And with a heavier hand for a bright dash of color. This beautiful shade can also be used as a eye shadow as well. Since the trend of matching blush with the eye shadow color is on trend right now, you can use it both way as well! This matching trend makes your face look more healthy.

This blush equally suits both fair and dusky girls surprisingly well. It suits warm toned or cool toned skin tones. The color is gorgeous with the right proportions of hues of pink and peach. you can use it for daily makeup. It goes well with any kind of eye makeup.

Staying power

The staying power is amazing for a “powder” product. It stays on 8 to 9 hours on my skin with no touch ups. It begins to lightly fade after that but it can be fixed with a touch up instantly. With the help of a setting spray or a primer it can last for 10-11 hours as well.

Who would I recommend?

If you are a beginner or a hoarder of blushes, this blush will be a unique and worthy addition to your makeup collection. The blush is worth every penny. It is a versatile all in-one-blush product that suits almost most of the skin tones.

Overall Score: 9.5/10 🙂

What is your holy grail blush product? I would love to know yours leave in the comment section below.
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