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Makeup Tips For a Flawless Base Finish

Makeup Tips For a Flawless Base Finish

The key to a flawless on point makeup is to get the base makeup done right. While layering on makeup is done wrongly, it might lead to cakey unnatural makeup visibly on top of your skin and congeals in pores and lines, and it looks like a layer of visible thick makeup on your skin instead of melding in seamlessly.

Follow these simple steps while you do makeup the next time and you will be amazed with the results.

Step by Step Tutorial For a Flawless Base Finish – Makeup Tips and Tricks

1. Remove facial hair

Facial hair has hair follicles growing from the pores which blocks the makeup to glide in for the flawless base. Threading, shaving, epilator are common ways to remove facial hair.

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2. Scrub

Keeping skin healthy is the key to looking beautiful. Cleansing, toning and moisturizing (CTM) routine must always a part of your everyday life. A clean toned and moisturized face has no blockage. This helps makeup to glide on the face very smoothly and blends in effortlessly.

Since skin rejuvenates regularly, the dead cells tend to sit on the skin if not removed properly leads to a many problems such as flakiness or excess sebum. Exfoliation process helps in removing the sluggish skin turn over its top dermal layer more often.

Brown sugar with coconut oil acts as an excellent scrub for dry skin. Papaya or orange will work as a scrub on oily skin.
Scrub your face three to four times a week. If you have just scrubbed the face give your face 2-5 minutes before starting to cleanse it.

3. Cleanser

It is essential to remove off the dirt and makeup everyday well. Soap is not advisable as it tends to dry out the skin but do use a good face wash on a daily basis. A gentle cleanser or a pH balanced cleanser is always safe to use. It is essential to use a deep cleanser like cleansing milk or oil to ensure that cleans face and neck thoroughly and prevents the clogging of pores.

Coconut oil, olive oil or baby oil are great natural cleanser and makeup remover which immensely nourish skin too.

It is important to cleanse the face twice or thrice a day. After cleansing, pat down gently with a cotton towel and give it 2-5 minutes before toning.

4. Toner

The main function of a toner is to remove the residual makeup or dirt. Toners are to add hydration to the skin to make it supple.Always opt for hydrating toner not the alcohol toners. Either spray it directly on the face or take a little amount of the toner in cotton ball or palm and pat face with it.

If you want to go for a natural cleanser, you can choose cucumber water ,rose water or green tea. They have amazing skin benefits.

Toning should be done right after cleansing to maintain pH of the skin. After toning give your skin 2-5 minutes before moisturizer.

5. Moisturizer

Moisturizing will prevent the moisture loss from skin by creating a layer between your skin and the outside atmosphere so that the skin doesn’t feel dry. Choose a moisturizer according to the skin type. If the skin is dry, a heavy moisturizer is needed. In case of oily and normal skin, an oil-free moisturizer will work well.

Aloe Vera gel works well as a natural moisturizer for oily skinned woman. Shea Butter can help immensely moisturize a dry skin.

Apply a light moisturizer for the day and heavy moisturizer for night. After moisturizing, wait for 3 to 4 minutes to apply sunscreen.

6. Sunscreen

Sun exposure during our lifetime can contribute to skin cancer, wrinkles and premature skin aging. The sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays can even penetrate through windows and car. So it is essential to protect the skin even when you are indoors. Research have found that people who use sunscreen daily have noticeably more resilient and smoother skin.

Dermatologists recommend wearing sunscreen at least 30 minutes before going in the sun. This gives the sunscreen time to get into the skin and render the protection necessary.

Wear sunscreen everyday either indoors or outdoors. Let it sink in for 5 minutes before applying the makeup.

7. Primer

Primers helps the makeup last longer by providing a strong base. Primer fills pores and smooths skin in preparation for foundation.

Tinted primers can be used to correct color problems on any skin tone. A light pink primer to give your skin a healthy glow. A lilac tinted primer to neutralize any unhealthy tones. Green tinted primer neutralizes uneven redness or acne spots.

Give your primer a five minutes or more before applying foundation.

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8. Foundation

Applying foundation before concealer helps us to figure where the skin needs extra coverage. Foundation helps to evens out the skin tone. Liquid foundation is ideal for dry skin, while creamy and stick foundations suit normal and oily skin. Choosing the right shade is necessary, make sure it matches the neck and face rather than testing on hand. Apply foundation in the center of the face and gently spread it out using a buffing brush or a beauty blender.

Give your foundation 4-6 minutes time before concealing.

9. Concealer

After foundation, if you need more to cover then go for a concealer or skip concealer. Concealer covers up acne, hyper pigmentation or dark under eye circles. Apply concealer using fingers or a concealer brush.

Use a peach or orange corrector to correct the darkness. After concealing, apply a shade lighter than your skin tone and highlight your under eyes, nose and forehead. Use a green corrector to correct redness. To correct hyper pigmentation, use a concealer your shade or a shade darker than your skin tone.

After concealing take a 3-5 minutes time before proceeding to the next step.

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10. Setting powder

Choose a translucent powder or a pressed powder to set the makeup. For lighter coverage go for translucent and for medium coverage choose pressed powder.

A translucent powder is a clear powder which can lock in foundation and removes any excess oil that your skin produces. Apply gently powder on full face or the areas where it is likely to crease like the under eyes or around mouth.

Pressed powder needs to match your foundation shade. Gently press the powder on the skin to lock in the makeup on to the skin.


I have mentioned to allow time gap between each and every step in this post to insist on leaving gaps between the makeup will help each ingredient to sink in the pores of skin. You can do your eye makeup or accessorize yourself in between steps. Try giving it time and you will be awed with the results.
What are you favorite makeup tips? I would love to know from you, leave your opinions in the comment section below.
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