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Top 10 Face Creams and Moisturizers Available In India Under INR 1500 (2018)

Top 10 Face Creams and Moisturizers Available In India Under INR 1500 (2018)

Picking the right moisturiser available in the market can be a tricky one. Moisturiser helps to keep skin healthy and youthful. It also acts as a protective barrier against pollutants and harmful sun radiations. Since face creams are an essential part of everyday skin care regime, we have narrowed down the top 10 face creams and moisturizers available in India under INR 1500 (2018).

Top 10 Face Creams and Moisturizers Available In India Under INR 1500 (2018)

1. Nivea Soft Cream

Nivea soft cream is a soft light cream that moisturises with vitamin E and jojoba oil in it. It is affordable and available in various sizes. This cream can be used s a face cream and a hand cream as well. It does not feel heavy or sticky and provides hydration well. It is also a travel friendly product. The only con might be the chemicals like paragons present in it.

Price: INR 299/300ml

Buy online from Amazon.

2. Biotique Bio Saffron Dew Visibly Ageless Moisturizer

This is a light-feeling moisturizer with pure saffron, almond, pistachio oils, turmeric and wild turmeric extracts. The natural nutrient rich formula helps to replenish and help sustain skin’s dewy fullness of youth. It is suitable for all skin types.

Price: INR 480/175g

Buy online from Amazon.

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3. Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture Combination Skin

For people with oily to normal skin, this is the ideal lightweight, dual-action formula moisturises dry areas while it controls oily shine. This moisturiser keeps skin softer, smoother skin and a natural matte finish that lasts all day. It is a oil-free, dermatologist-tested formula moisturizes where skin is dry, without leaving it oily or shiny. It is also non-comedogenic (won’t clog pores), hypoallergenic and fragrance-free.

Price: INR 327/118ml

Buy online from Amazon.

4. Juicy Chemistry Argan & Rose Day Serum (Moisturiser with Natural SPF)

This moisturiser is rich in Vitamins A & E, anti-oxidants, omega 3 &6, which protects your skin, improves elasticity and reduces visible signs of ageing. Red raspberry seed oil is rich in polyphenols, which rejuvenate, restore, and revitalize your cells with powerful nutrition. This moisturiser is excellent for use on sunburn, rashes, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea and dry skin. It is non comedogenic and is formulated with zero chemicals.

Price: INR 550/10ml

Buy online from Amazon.

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5. Plum E-Luminence Deep Moisturizing Crème

This moisturiser is Filled with the goodness of vitamin-E and 12 phyto-nutrients that boost hydration and nourishment. The ingredients work from within to hydrate, nourish and repair skin. It is a vegan formula with zero parabens, minerals, paraffin and silicone.

Price: INR 575/50ml

Buy online from Amazon.

6. Olay Total Effects 7 In One Anti-Ageing Day Cream Normal SPF 15

The Olay Total Effects 7 In One Anti-Ageing Day Cream Normal SPF 15 is a daily facial moisturiser that provides 7 anti ageing benefits in 1, plus SPF 15 to help protect against sun exposure. It provides a breadth of benefits to deliver the beautiful younger looking skin women want and the healthy skin they need. Great product for people trying to prevent premature ageing.

Price: INR 849/50g

Buy online from Amazon.

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7. The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Cream

This lightweight, easily absorbed facial moisturiser protects and locks in moisture for all-day hydration, to leave skin feeling fresh, silky-soft and looking more radiant. It is formulated with vitamin E, plumping hyaluronic acid and wheatgerm oil. It is a non greasy, easily absorbable formula and claims to provide 48 hour moisture infusion.

Price: INR 895/50ml

Buy online from Amazon.

8. The Face Shop Fresh Jeju Lotus Soothing Gel

A moisture-rich soothing gel which is enriched with the goodness of Lotus, this gel from Jeju Island is made of 99% aloe leaf extract and also contains nine ingredients extracted from natural plants. Lotus moisturizes and softens the skin, which can also be used as a mask or for after-sun care. Its formula is non-comodogenic and dermatologist tested.

Price: INR 490/285ml

Buy online from Amazon.

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9. Kama Ayurveda Eladi Hydrating Ayurvedic Face Cream

This is an Ayurvedic face cream is a rich, floral-scented cream that blends into skin leaving it softly mattified yet well moisturized. This is processed in pure coconut milk,  sesame oil, costus and cardamom which helps to enhance skin texture. Costus is especially known for its soothing effect on skin. This cream prevents acne, blemishes, fine lines and gives adequeate sun protection. It provides hydration with feeling greasy on skin.

Price: INR 1395/50g

Buy online from Amazon.

10. Forest Essentials Light Hydrating Moisturising Facial Gel Pure Aloe Vera

This is a light weight moisturiser formulated with fresh extract from the aloe Vera plant and rich wheat Germ extract and floral waters is a natural humectant and adds moisture to the skin. This acts as a toner and moisturiser for skin. A little quantity goes a long way so it lasts longer.

Price: INR 1350/50g

Buy online from Amazon.

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