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Travel Beauty Essentials Makeup on the Go Tips and Tricks

Travel Beauty Essentials Makeup on the Go Tips and Tricks

Of course hotel amenities makes the packing process easier, but how can a woman survive on sample-sized shampoos, conditioners, and body wash alone? Whether you’re starting out on travel next time, heading to a beach with friends, or a quick weekend getaway, remember to carry this curated skin care and makeup kit. You can throw this kit on your hand bag or purse, when you need to do makeup on the go to office or school. Happy travels!

Travel Beauty Essentials – Skin care and Makeup

Skin Care

1. Mini-sized skin care products

It is mandatory to follow the CTM routine, especially if you are traveling. Your skin has to adopt to different environment, it gets exposed to pollution, sun and wind. So, skin is more prone to damage during travel. Take mini-sized serum, moisturizer, toner and sunscreen with you everywhere. Even if you skip makeup, always Clean, Tone and Moisturize on the go.

2. Hair care products

Carry a mini-sized hair serum or hair oil with you to prep the hair daily. Take a trustworthy dry shampoo with you while you travel. Spray it on before bedtime and when you wake up your hair will feel like it’s just been washed.

3. Prep skin and hair

Even though you are traveling, it is essential to prep skin and hair. Carry a mini-sized products of skin and hair mask. Whenever your skin feels dull, give your skin some time and effort to revive again.

4. Body care products

While prepping the face is important, taking care of body is also necessary. Always take a mini-sized body lotion. Mini-sized body scrub to remove the dead cells. Dermatologists recommend to scrub regularly twice a week.

Multi-Purpose Products

Carrier oils like coconut oil, olive oil and castor oil helps in many ways. You can use them as a lip moisturizer to moisturize lips before a matte lipstick. Or you could use it as a daily moisturizer  for both face and body. It can be used as a night mask and leave it overnight for a baby soft pampered skin in the morning. These oils works wonders as hair mask. so if you are on a long vacation ad want to give your hair a paper use it as an hair oil mask. Some of the oils like coconut, olive also acts as a makeup remover. It is necessary to remove the makeup thoroughly to keep skin clean and prevent breakouts. So, this way you save a lot of space in your travel kit.

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Makeup Essentials

During travel, most people don’t get time to do makeup so make the products as minimal as possible.

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1. Primer

Primer is an optional step. But if you’ve got to attend any special events and you need to makeup stay longer then go for a mini-sized gel based primer or a primer spray.

2. Concealer

If you have got normal to oily skin, then choose for a stick or cream based foundation, which helps as a foundation and a concealer. For dry skin, choose for a liquid concealer and use it as a foundation if necessary.

3. Brown color

Brown color can be as a mono shadow or a mini palette or a contour or bronzing powder. This eye shadow can help to create a transition shade or eye look. It can be used to fill eye brows. The brown shade is also ideal for contouring and bronzing. Add a drop of beauty oil to the brown shadow and use a liner brush to use it as an eye liner.

4. Eye makeup

If you simply can’t skip the eye makeup, take with you a customized or compact eye shadow palette, eye liner and mascara.

5. Blush

Choose a neutral blush which looks natural. You can choose a shimmery blush to use it as a highlighter and blush. The blush shade can also be used as an eye shadow.

6. Highlighter

This is an optional step. If you are not a great fan of blushes or contouring, then throw in a highlighter in your bag. Vaseline acts as a great highlighter to add a soft sheen to face. Highlighter adds a natural glow to skin. It highlights the high points of the face making it look more natural. The highlighter can be used as an eye shadow. A cream based highlighter is more versatile and easily buildable from sheer natural finish to bang on highlighting finish.

6. Lip balm

As mentioned above if you have got a beauty oil it serves as a lip balm. But you can carry a tinted lip balm as a lip color too. It is natural plus moisturizing.

7. Lipsticks

Choose your favorite red lipstick and “neutral” lipstick and carry them to travel. You can use these two colors or mix and match the red and “neutral” lipstick to create new colors.

8. Makeup remover

As much is makeup is important, removing them at the end of the day is more essential. You can choose beauty oils or choose makeup removing wipes available in the market for fussy-free makeup removal.

9. Blotting papers

Oily skinned girls should always carry a blotting sheet with them in their bag. Whenever your makeup feels oily, blot them gently off the skin. Blotting papers are light weight and easy to carry around.

10. Bobby pins

Hair can become fuzzy any time of the day, so always carry a mini brush and a box of bobby pins to fix them whenever needed.

11. Nail polishes

If you are a nail polish junkie, who can not travel without them; then choose a bright and a neutral shade nail polish of your choice. Choose nail polish removing wipes instead of the liquid ones to save space.

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12. Perfume rollers

Storing perfumes in smaller bottle saves space in your luggage. In this way, you can carry many perfumes with you in smaller bottles. Throw these  perfume bottles in your purse and spray it on or roll on on your way.

Try out these tips next time you are traveling, I would love to know how these methods worked out for you, let me know in the comment section below.
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